Throughout her adult life, artist Heidi Hornberger has traveled abroad extensively, exploring different cultures and religions. Her fascination with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds has been the inspiration for her collection of portrait and figurative sculptures. Her work is a celebration of the unique physical characteristics, costumes, and spiritual orientation of people from these cultures.

The sculpting of an individual is a very intimate experience. Often I know nothing of the underlying personal stories of my subjects, especially when we do not share the same language. Yet after many hours of looking into their faces and eyes, I feel as if I am touching their souls, and through that experience, the soul of their culture and religion. At times I come to a point where I see beyond the personal journeys expressed in their faces, and recognize that which is eternal within them. Here I usually forego a direct representation and sculpt this essence that I feel. Through this process, my portraits take on a life of their own, becoming infused with an inner aliveness.

The Kris
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A Temple Within
The Heart of Tuscany
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